I can do this!

Bad night. Pain is at a 10 even with meds, no spoons left… On top of that I can’t shake the sadness tonight. Nothing is working. I have procrastinated on this for a while now. I just need to pull myself up and do it. Keep my promise and share. Its not easy though! Before I lost my Mom in December I knew I had someone near me, who understood and I can crack in front of. The rest of my family I can too.. but I feel guilty, like I am always whining. My eldest just lets it go and deals, takes it in stride. My baby girl (15) has spent her entire life with this. I have had to let her down, or have her help me walk. Never does she let me know how much it hurts her. I fight to stay strong but sometimes I just don’t have it. My Mom, before she left this earth, made me promise to create a website that shares my health journey. I want to. I know that its thanks to others sharing their story I don’t feel so alone anymore… Like I am the only one living through confusion and hell daily. ┬áSo if sharing my journey helps just one person see that they aren’t the only one out there with *fill in disorder* or *fill in emotion* than I know it was all worth it, because finding that for me is priceless. Surrounding yourself with a strong support system is survival yes, but they will never completely know exactly what you are going through. Nobody will because we are all unique. BUT knowing someone who does go through at least one disorder makes it better. I don’t wish any of this on anyone, but it doesn’t seem like we have much choice LOL. Ok.. so post one down. Next comes the about page. Chronicling all my issues. Trying to be as open as I can no matter how humiliating, because honesty and openness is the only way to make this work right? *deep breath*

So lets start this ride…

My goals include: Sharing my journey openly and honestly… Provide support and help when I can… Make you laugh or at least smile when you need to! Lets see if we can do that……..